Golds & En Aparté discovery set

AED 100

An invitation to travel, crossing from West to East ...
Includes 6 samples + blotters

Histoires de Parfums
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Veni, a shrine of Carnation adorned in Galbanum and Ambergris beads. A wave of cold spices and Lavender set against a backdrop of Vanilla and Oakmoss.

Rosam, a majestic, royal and fragile Rose smoked in Oud and Incense fumes.

Fidelis, a lingering kiss of Guatemalan Coffee nestled in an oozy Amber and Saffron heart. A crown of plush Roses with shards of Oud and twigs of Patchouli.

Irrévérent, a bold and elegant accord of oud and lavender wrapped in an indulging base of styrax and patchouli under a shimmering sky of sparkly elemi - for the outstanding selves.

Outrecuidant, grapefruit and Pineapple open an olfactory power-play between Leather and Orange blossom giving way to a might of Oud and Patchouli – for the brilliant minds.

Prolixe, exuberant outburst of hot spices crushed into a radiant heart of Rose and Tobacco behind mysterious wisps of Oud and Incense - for the flamboyant hearts.


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