For him discovery set

AED 100

Charismatic and readily romantic perfumes, all the art of seduction gathered in this selection.
Includes 6 samples + blotters

Histoires de Parfums
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1725, for every Casanova, here is an eau de parfum inviting intense pleasure, an Amber Fern mixing fine wooded tunes and touches of lemony freshness, sublimed by the elegance of Lavender.

1740, davana, Cistus Labdanum and Patchouli unveil the depth of their woodsy notes to evoke a charismatic nature along with an intoxicating seduction.

1828, the scent of a treasure chest crafted from precious Wood and filled with Spices from faraway lands, stowed on a boat sailing uncharted seas.

1899, a seductive night out in the City of Lights… the theater, dinner, a club or a romantic rendezvous. The heady scent of the hide-and-seek of shadows and light for the nocturnal adventurer.

This is not a blue bottle 1.1, an irresistible Aldehyde. A hypnotic call of fantasized pleasure from Bitter Orange. A mysterious abyss of Patchouli emotion. This is the perfume of Abstraction.

This is not a blue bottle 1.3, a Blood Orange sun rises over Rose and Saffron’s blazing circle, liberating Leather’s endless power. This is the perfume of fire.


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