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Article: The Merveilleux

The Merveilleux

The "Aux Merveilleux de Fred" shops had a huge success due to the quality of their ingredients and their creations. In       1982, the creator Frédéric Vaucamp takes back a shop with his brother where they begin to work passionately. In 1985, he brings back the recipe for the "merveilleux" which he plays with to make multiple flavors available. Success! The traditional pastry becomes a popular hit. In addition, he begins to play around with the brioche recipe, and eventually makes it available in a variety of flavors. Success once again! as people are swept away by the Cramiques.

The "Merveilleux" dates back to the era of the French revolution. Under the French Directory (1796-1799), a taste for the high life returns. Women open salons which become the new meeting places of elegance: The Wonderful and The Incredible. The Incredibles was a place dedicated to the leisure and enjoyment of young feminine women. While the Wonderful rejected all aspects of modesty, adopting antiquated traditions such as free tunics of all sizes, sometimes worn wet to better contour their forms. Frédéric Vaucamps find himself in such a fantasy both at the Incredible and the Wonderful, that the name quickly made its way to his store sign, in the masculine form.

This influence is found in the store's decor, which is inspired by French architecture under the rule of the French Directory. Various flavors are available: chocolate, vanilla, praline, and praline. They are sold individually, and for certain flavors such as "the incredible" or "the wonderful", in minis or in cakes of 20 to 24 slices.

The merveilleux

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