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Article: Restaurant to be

Restaurant to be

Restaurant to be - Histoires de Parfums

The restaurant is located in a charmingly old hotel which has been transformed into a plant-themed cocoon. On staff, pastry chef Christophe Boucher, who's worked at multiple three Michelin star restaurants, plays with textures and flavors to create new and refined dishes.

At Dessance, the majority of dishes are plant based. The menu offers both sweet and salty in-season vegetables cooked right in front of you that put on a true show for your palate. The vegetarian dishes are a combination of bold yet refined flavors such as roasted and sorbet apples, marjoram emulsion, crispy mustard and even wild blackberries, fennel marinated in thyme, crispy caraway and Arabic coffee emanations.

These three salty dishes, two in-season vegetable dishes and dessert definitely remind us of a "Hedonist" menu. Everything offered also has a vegetarian alternative. Dessance is a must for everyone to visit!

Restaurant to be - Histoires de Parfums

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