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Article: Le Café des Musées

Le Café des Musées

Le Café des Musées - Histoires de Parfums

Located in the third arrondissement at the corner of Rue de Turenne and Rue du Parc Royale, the Café des Musées is a Parisian institution since 1924. Parisian brasserie by excellence, the arrangement is truly a time travel, in the Paris of the roaring twenties.

The services are effectuated in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The menu is the pure tradition of Parisian brasserie with some updated dishes. A simple and homemade cuisine with good quality products, which evolve according to the seasonal products. 

To be absolutely tested! Burgundian beef stewed during 5 hours accompanied by mashed potatoes, which claims to be best in Paris. We leave that judgment to your personal tastefulness.

Le Café des Musées - Histoires de Parfums

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