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Article: At Lily and Marcel's

At Lily and Marcel's

At Lily and Marcel's - Histoires de Parfums

To walk through the doors of Lily and Marcel's is to travel in time.With its retro decor, tables, seating, bar, and metallic paneling, you travel back to early XXth century Paris. The warm and friendly ambiance of this Parisian bistro, along with the generously portioned dishes are what make the place so special. You will find nomodern dishes here with complicated names or twists on traditional recipes, but rather simply classic mealsserved the way a traditional Parisian brasserie would.

Marcel's offers many dishes ranging from 300g rib eye steaks and artisanal veganpiesto the renowned Croque Monsieur, welcoming all different eaters. All dishes are made in-house and some, such as the beef carpaccio and the Italian salad are even gluten free.

To dine at Lily and Marcel's is to indulge in a simple, yet generous cuisine in a convivial and traditionally Parisian ambiance. The only drawback is that the place can get loud at times, but hey, that's Paris!

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