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spicy wood

Saffron, Cumin, Rose, Amber, Oud

All the glowing and profound demeanor of a Rose strengthened by Oud to summon perfect love.


Fidelis, OR ROSE

Prix de venteAED 20.00

Gold is wedded to copper, the metal dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and seduction....
A lingering kiss in the hollow of the wrist from Coffee, Saffron and spicy Amber. Thus Love, born in the heart of a Rose entwined with Patchouli, surrenders to the delights of intoxicating Oud.

Fidelis, OR ROSE
Fidelis, OR ROSE Prix de venteAED 20.00

Audacious, disruptive, generous, hyper-creative, and... Parisian!

Such are the fragrances envisioned by Gérald Ghislain, a loquacious individual with a luxuriant imagination who has chosen to bring his stories to life through perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium.