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Article: Restaurant to be: Health Inside

Restaurant to be: Health Inside

The restaurant was opened in 2016 by Pascale Sorrentinella, and is located at the heart of the marais, at 30 rue Charlot in the third arrondissement. It's mission: to create healthy and satisfying foods.

Carnivores... keep walking. The dishes served are organic, detox and vegan, with one exception to the vegan part because fish is served. However, all meats are persona non-grata. Meals are created to offer a high quantity of vitamins, and the menu indicates the nutritional value of each dish (rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin A etc.).

The menu is very diverse and the dishes are as different as they are good. You can have the trademark vegetarian burger, but also try dishes a little out of the ordinary such as the vegetarian chirashi or the velvety butternut squash. As for drinks, the menu gets even more expansive with a juice bar that whips up smoothies and juices from the fruits in season. Juices are always made with organic fruits and vegetables in season.

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