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Article: Restaurant to be: Mister T

Restaurant to be: Mister T

Mister T - Histoires de Parfums

Three acolytes put a creative and refined twist on American classics and opened "Mister T" in mid-September of 2017. Its decor is both chic and inspired by early 90's New York hip hop. 

Japanese master chef Mister Tsuyoshi San, inspired the name "Mister T". He is a renowned chef in Paris, known for starting his career in the capital's most prestigious restaurants. Accompanied by two friends, Enguerrand and Guillaume, each dish is a wonder both visually and tastefully.

Dishes, which will enthrall both carnivores and vegans, are served as tapas to share, as snacks, and as full meals to satisfy all flavor palettes. Recipes are as shocking as they are explosive with flavor, like the inside-out chicken Cesar, the beefless filet with horseradish, pickled peppers or even the cocoa foie gras oreos. Everything is paired with traditional wines or cocktails like the mezcal al pastor.

Many new Parisian restaurants have recently opened and hopped on the hipster wagon, but with varying success rates. "Mister T" however, has a 100% success rate. Truly a favorite not to be missed!

Mister T - Histoires de Parfums

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