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The Raw restaurant, located in rue de Turenne in the Haut Marais, is run by chef William Pradeleix known throughout Paris for his colorful cuisine. At raw all the ingredients are served raw or with a minimum of cooking. All food served requires maximum cooking below 42 degrees. Each plate to share or not, depending on your mood, is meticulously worked, both in the presentation, which highlights each ingredient, in the mix of them.

Whether you are fond of dishes from the sea or more focused on meat, the different carpaccio, tartare, shasimi, ceviche will satisfy all your desires Some examples: beef tartar with soy vinaigrette, white truffle cream, green mango. Veal tataki, sesame puree, apple cider vinegar, mustard, green apple. Sea bream carpaccio, fennel, marinated rose, lemon cedar. And for dessert: Black sesame ice cream, chocolate, caramel and praline dessert.

A place that will make you regret not having been crudivorism earlier!

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